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​​The Physical Embodiment of Fire

Each piece of Lava Design Iceland jewelry is uniquely designed and handmade in our workshop in the Southwest part of Iceland.


For the design we use natural lava rocks, Swarovski crystals and cubic zircons as well as natural gemstones. With this careful choice of material, the jewelry represents the powerful spirit and contrasting elements of Iceland – The land of fire and ice.

Molten lava flowing from erupting volcanoes eventually cools down to form the porous and lightweight lava rock, making it the physical embodiment of fire. In contrast the shiny and smooth Swarovski crystals and cubic zircons symbolize the cold and clear ice of the glaciers.

Each unique piece of the Lava Design Iceland jewelry is empowering. The lava rock signifies one of the core elements within astrology and it is believed to give clarity and enhance mental and physical strength to those who bear it. Further unifying the elements of fire and ice is dynamic, inspiring you, your individuality and strong femininity.

Indulge yourself and enjoy!

Pamela Svavarsson and Stefanía Kristjánsdóttir


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